Maastricht University, Netherlands

  • PhD in International Political Theory 2003-2008

Thesis: Classical liberalism and International Relations Theory. Hume, Smith, Mises, Hayek and International Society.

Supervisors: Prof. Nico Roos and Dr. Frank van Dun (Ghent University).

Review committee: Prof. Nick Rengger (St Andrews), Prof. Paul Cliteur (Leiden), Prof. Jaap Hage, Prof. Fred Grunfeld, Dr. Mark Stout.

London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Master of Science in International Relations 1996-1997

Thesis: International Public Affairs and the Theory of Complex Interdependence.

Courses: International Business in the International System, Politics of Asia and the Pacific, and International Political Theory.

Leiden University, Netherlands

  • Master of Arts in Political Science 1991-1996

Specialisation: Politics of the European Union.

Other IR subjects taken: Polemology, international theory, diplomatic history.

  • Law School (evening classes, first year completed) 1998-2000