Fellowships, Scholarships, and Internships

Mont Pélèrin Society

  • Winner, Cutting Edge Ideas Competition, Sydney (1300 AUSD) October 2010
  • Friedrich A. Hayek Fellow, General Meeting, Guatemala City (1500 USD) November 2006

Institute for Humane Studies, USA

  • Summer Graduate Research Fellow (5000 USD) Summer 2007
  • Hayek Fund for Scholars (400 USD) May 2006
  • Social Change Workshop for Graduate Students, University of Virginia June 2005

British Council

  • Chevening scholarship (25.000 NLG) 1996-1997

VSB Funds

  • VSB Scholarship (24.000 NLG) 1996-1997

Frits Bolkestein, leader Dutch Liberal party

  • Research: The Common European Foreign Policy and the Middle East (1979-1996)1996

Praaning Meines Consultancy Group

  • Organisation of the Clingendael MeesPierson Opinion Leader Discussions on the Future of Europe. 1995-1996