(Dutch titles translated into English)

Non-academic articles and chapters

Booklets, manifestos, and reports

  • Liberalism, Actuele Onderwerpen, number 2795, Uitgeverij Karmac, Lelystad, February 2004. 24 pages.
  • Clearly Liberal, Clearly Right. Proposals for a Policy Reorientation of the VVD,  The Hague/Brussels, September 2002 (co-authored with J.H.D. Livestro), 36 pages.
  • Liberal Political Theory. Introduction to the Foundations of Liberal Thought, course syllabus for the Haya van Someren Foundation, The Hague, February 2001. 34 pages.
  • Concern for Europe. Opinion leaders on the future of European integration. Report of the Clingendael MeesPierson discussions on the future of Europe, Clingendael Institute, The Hague, May 1996, (co-authored with R.W. Meines). 44 pages.

Interview project 1995-1996

Editor of an ‘oral history’ project (1200 pages) on the life of former state secretary Professor E.H. van der Beugel.